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Magic Research 2

by Maticolotto

Welcome to Magic Research 2, an incremental RPG from the creator of Magic Research. Learn countless spells, face powerful foes, and command a team of Wizards who can cast spells for you as you journey to find or create the Philosopher's Stone.

PERIMETER: Legate Edition

by K-D Lab, Association K-D Lab

Perimeter is a real-time strategy game with a destructible world. Utilize the environment for resource gathering and defense against enemies. Immerse yourself in the millennia-spanning history of the Chains of Worlds and lead a faction in the struggle for survival.

Braid, Anniversary Edition

by Thekla, Inc.

Control the flow of time to solve puzzles in this new version of the indie classic, featuring fully repainted artwork, a new world of puzzles, and seriously in-depth commentary.

No Plan B

by GFX47

Carefully plan your team's tactics in close quarters battles. Use the timeline to synchronize each door breach, grenade throw and room entry with precision. Watch your team execute your plan autonomously in epic cinematic replays. Take on challenging roguelike campaigns or standalone missions.


by Autoexec Games

Prevent Doomsday AFTER it happened! Designed by the co-creator of Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves and featuring both a single-player and co-op campaign, TimeMelters is a strategy hero defense where you go back in time and fight alongside your past selves.

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Hub: Roguelite

Orten Was The Case

by Woodhill Interactive

Orten Was The Case - A free movement puzzle/adventure game where you play as a youngster stuck in a time loop with the simple task of saving the world from literal destruction.

Cube Chaos

by Wunarg

Cube Chaos is a complex strategy rogue-lite about placing units to create giant armies, factories, combos, or self replicating murder crabs, overwhelming and outsmarting your opponents. Build and adapt new strategies each run using a ludicrous variety of units, perks and more.

Penny Larceny: Gig Economy Supervillain

by Fiction Factory Games

A comic book adventure of freelance supervillainy, petting cats, and/or destroying capitalism in which your choices determine success in a series of daring heists and capers.

A Guidebook of Babel

by StarryStarry, Thermite Games

A narrative-driven puzzle adventure game with the butterfly effect at its core. Board the Babel, a mysterious cruise ship that takes you on a whimsical journey to the afterlife. Use a special pen to help fellow travelers fulfill their wishes by rewriting the past, changing how the future unfolds.


by Game Grumps, Rogue Games, Inc.

An interactive thriller about a group of friends haunted by the memories of their past while being hunted by a relentless killer. From The Game Grumps (Dream Daddy)

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