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Trash of the Titans

by Thayer and Back Again

It's turn-based fantasy tactics with trash animals. Defend your trash from invading rats, and eat your trash to upgrade your team. Think your way out of ruin by using the shape of each level to your advantage. Be creative, and try to not die.

Cluckmech Oasis

by BlackLight, Mammorize

"Cluckmech Oasis" is a tower defense Roguelike with top-down shooting, players will play the battle chicken and its partners, in the journey to collect a variety of strange defensive machinery, a large number of plant enemies, along the way to escort base vehicles to save the world!


by Split Second Games, Yogscast Games

Hexguardian is a roguelite, tower defense game where you build your own maps with hexagonal tiles! Build and upgrade towers, recruit armies, learn spells, construct wonders and place hexagonal tiles to create a path to enhance your defenses. With plenty of game modes and talents to unlock!

KUNKUN Defender

by Seal

KUNKUN Defender is an FPS + tower defense game where players need to resist zombie invasions in different regions affected by a virus outbreak until a helicopter comes for rescue.

The Monarch

by Citadel Games

Will you be the savior to purify this land? The Monarch is a lane-defense game where you control a monarch, expand your kingdom, and defend against evil by strategically managing gold resources, recruiting diverse units, and exploring a world filled with mythical threats.

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From Glory To Goo

by Stratagem Blue

From Glory To Goo is a Sci-Fi Survival RTS set on an alien world. Serve as humanity's bulwark by establishing a colony and supporting your colonists still in orbit. But beware, for The Goo, a relentless and shape-shifting force approaches from all sides, even above and below.

CD 2: Trap Master

by ACE Entertainment, Erabit

Become THE Trap Master - play your deck of lethal traps to mow down waves of bizarre creatures and protect your altars! Craft a unique deck of traps and powers, discover treasure of surprise effects, and guard a different base each time until you are ready for the unforgiving boss.

King Towers

by AgeOfGames

Welcome to King Towers, a challenging Retro Flash Tower Defence. Protect your life, gold and mana from fast and very ugly villagers, knights, evil witches and cows armed to their teeth!


by Fireblade Software

SENTRY is an action-defense first person shooter where you defend your spaceship against invading aliens. Plot an escape route through hostile space and battle the enemy across your vessel with the support of traps, turrets and environmental destruction.

Crystal Guardians

by Green Pine Studios

Crystal Guardians is a tower defense game with rogue-like elements. Fight of waves and defend the world crystal. Gear up your towers with a powerful combination of items for your strategy. In an ever expanding map, find hidden powers and conquer the enemies.

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