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by Eugen Systems

Realistic, immersive, breathtaking. WARNO is the ultimate World War III battle simulator from the masters of strategy, Eugen Systems. A Cold War turns decisively hot as you command hundreds of units on a beautiful and brutal battlefield. Outsmart, outfight, and lead your forces to total victory.


by Avalon Digital, PID Games

Relive over a thousand years of Great Britain's history in this epic game of conquest and domination. From Roman legions to the Norman Conquest led by William the Conqueror, explore the fate of numerous nations and fight to become king.

Tank Operations: European Campaign

by Linked Dimensions, 2tainment GmbH

Tank Operation: European Campaign - is a turn-based, tactical war game with a dozen nerve-racking historical scenarios on the various battlefields of World War II. As an allied general you fight right on the frontline to defeat the Third Reich with all its destructive potential.

9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far

by Petroglyph

Unleash voxel warfare in 9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far. Lead a modern military, build bases, unlock units, and attack in all-out war. Engage on land, sea and air in over two dozen missions, online skirmishes, or co-op. Easy to learn, a challenge to master.

Death From Above

by Rockodile, Lesser Evil

You are a lone Ukrainian military drone operator battling Russian occupation forces. Hidden deep behind enemy lines, you operate your drone to seek and destroy tanks and armored vehicles, shatter communication lines, and recover stolen goods. Slava Ukraini!

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Hub: Side Scroller

The Troop

by Giant Flame, PLA Studios

The Troop is a turn-based, platoon-level tactical game set in WW2. From the early hours of D-Day to Falaise, play as British and Canadian or German forces in desperate fighting across Normandy.

Chroma Wars

by AgeOfGames

A retro, turn-based strategy game on a square-map where you engage in techno-fantasy warfare in the world of Etrom! Command powerful armies, repel abyssal foes, and save your base in the dying desert fighting high-skill strategic battles.

Ancient Warfare: The Han Dynasty

by 不秋草游戏工作室(Bamboo Games), 方块游戏(CubeGame)

Ancient Warfare: The Han Dynasty is a wargame demonstrating ancient warfare in China and combining elements of Big Strategy, RTS and RPG. You can learn little-known stories of heroes in ancient China by experiencing battles accommodating thousands of soldiers.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty

by Starni Games, Untold Tales, Hyperstrange

Prove to have a true Strategic Mind! Spirit of Liberty will put your strategic planning skills to the test. It’s a hardcore, turn-based, historically accurate strategy game set in WWII. Lead Finnish forces against an overwhelming threat through the Winter War, Continuation War, and Lapland War.

Napoleon's Eagles: Game of the Napoleonic Wars

by Avalon Digital, Cyril Jarnot

Napoleon's Eagles is the classic board game War & Peace for computer. Be Napoleon – or stand against him – in a series of short scenarios that cover the epic battles of the age, or in a multiplayer-only grand campaign that may – or may not – end on the field of Waterloo.

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