by Shiny Shoe

The Developer Says...

A turn-based tactical roguelike from the creators of Monster Train. Play solo or co-op, create powerful builds, and save the Atheneum.

Players Like...

❤ The Turn-Based Combat Stands Out

Players move freely and act simultaneously in multiplayer, requiring strategic positioning and timing of abilities. The system allows for fast-paced decision-making when the situation is straightforward, while slowing down to a more methodical pace when facing tougher threats. This blend of action and strategy creates an engaging and dynamic combat experience.

❤ Diverse Classes and Customizable Builds

The game features eight playable character classes, each with its own distinct playstyle and abilities. Players can adapt their strategy during runs, drafting abilities, upgrading them, and discovering hundreds of items to create powerful and synergistic builds. This build diversity allows players to experiment with different class combinations and item interactions to find their preferred playstyle.

❤ Cooperative Multiplayer Adds Depth

Up to four players can team up and tackle challenges together. The social hub allows players to meet and form parties, coordinating their builds and strategies to achieve victory. The cooperative nature requires players to consider how their individual choices and actions impact the team's overall performance.

❤ Progression Goes Beyond Individual Runs

As players progress, they unlock new character classes, abilities, items, and other content. The progression system extends beyond individual runs, with cross-run quests and a persistent avatar that carries over progress. This sense of long-term advancement and character growth keeps players engaged and motivated to continue exploring the game's rich depth.

❤ Engaging Roguelike Structure

The game seamlessly blends turn-based tactical gameplay with roguelike elements. Each run presents unique challenges, with procedurally generated levels, enemies, and loot. The combination of strategic combat, build diversity, and the roguelike structure creates a highly replayable experience, as players strive to overcome the challenges and push for better and more successful runs.

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