by Paul Hart, Lee Williams, Akupara Games

The Developer Says...

SAY ANYTHING in this bizarre dungeon adventure where words control everything. Fill in the blanks with text or voice to uncover lost abilities, embark on strange quests, and solve mindbending riddles. Can you conquer the crypt and uncover the mystery at the heart of CRYPTMASTER?

Players Like...

❤ Typing as the Core Mechanic

Players control a party of four adventurers by typing single-word commands. This typing-based approach seamlessly integrates with the dungeon crawling, allowing players to attack enemies, cast spells, and interact with the environment by carefully selecting the right words. The game's responsiveness to a wide range of vocabulary creates a novel and captivating gameplay loop, challenging players to think strategically about their word choices.

❤ Solving Clever Puzzles and Riddles

A major focus of the gameplay involves solving word-based puzzles and riddles. For example, players must guess the contents of chests by describing them, using prompts like "look," "touch," and "remember." These enigmas require players to utilize their vocabulary and deductive reasoning, providing a satisfying challenge that encourages experimentation.

❤ Reactive and Emergent Gameplay

The game impressed reviewers with its depth of interaction, allowing players to type a vast array of words and receive unique, often humorous, responses from the Cryptmaster and other characters. This flexibility enables emergent gameplay, as players can freely explore the environment and engage with it in unexpected ways.

❤ Character Growth through Wordplay

The progression system ties directly into the typing mechanics. Players unlock new abilities and skills by correctly guessing the contents of chests, which provide letters that can upgrade their party members. This system encourages players to carefully manage their resources and experiment with different word combinations in combat and exploration.

❤ Diverse Minigames

In addition to the core dungeon crawling and puzzle-solving, the game includes several enjoyable minigames, such as a fishing mechanic and a card game called "Whatever." These diversions serve to break up the pacing and provide additional opportunities for players to utilize their typing skills in a variety of contexts.

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