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Ants Took My Eyeball

by Bosmic Forge

Ants Took My Eyeball is a 2D action platformer roguelite. Descend into an ever-changing ant hill, fight your way through hordes of insects with a variety of weapons, face formidable bosses and ultimately find your stolen eyeball.

Bopl Battle

by Johan GrΓΆnvall, Zapray Games

A couch/online game where you battle your friends with unique and wild abilities. There are many choices such as a shrink ray, creating black holes, stopping time and attaching a rocket engine to the stage to send it flying. Choose a combination that synergizes well to win the round!


by Les Crafteurs

A ball, two goals and... toasters! Welcome to Toasterball. Play against your friends in this physics-based multiplayer sports game, where toasters are athletes, bread flies everywhere and the gameplay changes every time you score a goal!

Zero-G Gunfight

by Devil's Cider Games, First Peoples Digital, Nejcraft

Battle 1-3 friends in the fast-paced & frantic arenas of Zero-G Gunfight. Pickup different guns that change how you move & fight. Dodge enemy bullets & avoid unique hazards as you strive to be the last one standing!

Super Video Golf

by Trederia

Super Video Golf is a turn based 90s themed golf game, with up to 8 players locally or 8 computers online allowing a total of 16 players in a single game. Challenge yourself in Career mode or others online and offline in Free Play.

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Hub: Turn-Based

Bone's Cafe

by Acute Owl Studio

Bone's Cafe is a fast paced, 1-4 Players couch co-op, cooking game. Customize the layout of your kitchen to guarantee your success. Specialize your menu in ingredients and recipes to design your ultimate cafe. Put your necromancy skills to the test and raise your own undead kitchen staff.


by Passion Republic Games

GigaBash is the ultimate Kaiju Fighting Game for 1-4 players, where you battle as film-inspired Kaijus and giant Heroes in fully destructible cityscapes.

Amazing Frog? 2

by Fayju

Amazing Frog? 2 is the next generation of Amazing Frog? A Hardcore Parkour, open world buffet of bonkers physics sandbox ...ness.

Turn the Line!

by Megatent Inc.

Turn the Line is a co-op tycoon game that allows 1~4 players. Cute characters, simple manual, but with difficult levels! Anyone can give it a shot, but not everyone can do it perfectly! Challenge perfection, so that the bunnies can leave work on time!

Knight Squad 2

by Chainsawesome Games

Knight Squad 2 is a chaotic arcade multiplayer game for up to 8 players. Pick an eccentric knight and fight for glory with wacky weaponry. Triumph over your friends in a ridiculous amount of game modes, both offline and online.

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