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Kanna Maze

by 致意

In an isolated lab beneath the earth, a childhood friend is resurrected. Amidst sealed walls, a spree of killings unfolds. In a godless abyss, parallel worlds entwine like a maze. Where does one find the path to the sole universe of bliss?


by Paul Hart, Lee Williams, Akupara Games

SAY ANYTHING in this bizarre dungeon adventure where words control everything. Fill in the blanks with text or voice to uncover lost abilities, embark on strange quests, and solve mindbending riddles. Can you conquer the crypt and uncover the mystery at the heart of CRYPTMASTER?

Logiart Grimoire

by Jupiter Corporation

Logiart Grimoire is a puzzle game that combines the number puzzle "Logiart" and the word puzzle "Fusion" in which you deduce combinations from clues.

Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes

by HeartBeat Plus

"Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes" is the 5th work in the "Paper Bride' series. Our cast from Zangling Village return to the stage to welcome players back to the world of paper bride...

Noun Town Language Learning

by Noun Town

Noun Town Language Learning is the new way to learn a foreign language! Interact, listen, read, and speak your chosen language in a world that regains color as you learn. Test your skills with mini-games & talk to the local villagers. Learn Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, and more…

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Vampires' Melody 2

by AsicxArt, SakuraGame

Emerald seas! Blue skies! Sandy beaches! An island adventure in the ocean sounds like a trip to paradise. However, the place is a nightmare with no one to provide any blood for Raylan to feed on after he turned into a vampire by accident, especially since he has another hungry vampire at his side.

Myths of Rules

by Sugarcane Games

This is a text-based adventure puzzle game, where you must struggle to survive in a world filled with ghosts and urban legends. While collecting clues, you'll uncover the truth behind the world and find the way out. The game features a wealth of levels, unconventional rules, and a touch of horror.


by 致意

Decaying Japanese school buildings, a series of bizarre incidents, eerie Mandemon legends. Lies and truths intertwine, love and hate entwined in the mist. What should one do? Whom should one believe? Welcome to this cruel world filled with deception and harm β€”

Cyberside Picnic

by Michael Luo, Cathode Radiator

Cyberside Picnic is a eulogy for the cyberian commonplace that just eluded us. A love letter to a lost future of alternative video games, delete and overwrite.

See You Later

by η‰η’ƒθŠ±η³–εˆΆδ½œη»„, Garakowa Marshmallow

There are so many things I want to do with the rest of my life. Like dreaming with you, laze around with you, look at the moon, eat rice with you, go on the biggest wedding trip to Antarctica, and most importantly - say goodbye to you.

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