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I dont Fall


You are Bellerophon, a hero who dreams of becoming a god and rises to the heavens and beyond. Overcome obstacles and trials to reach the heavens and become a god! But for some reason, Pegasus is the only one who seems excited.


by Pastaspace Interactive, Camlann Games

The spiritual successor to Freelancer with a Lovecraftian, sandbox RPG twist. Explore a vast handmade universe with Day 1 mod support and a planned PvP/co-op multiplayer on the Early Access roadmap. You're going to need a bigger ship.

Thunder Helix

by David Walters

Pilot deadly helicopter gunships, battle enemy forces and complete dangerous missions within a thrilling desert warzone!

Kitten Burst

by Lithodelphis

Kitten Burst is an Adventure/Racing Game about a Flying Cat set in the year 200X. Explore Sites on the Web, Race through Circuits, & Battle Bullet Hell Bosses to Save Cyberspace.

DemonStar - Original Missions

by Scott Host

The shareware legend DemonStar comes soaring back with new game modes and revised gameplay. Originally published in 1997, DemonStar has earned the Computer Gaming World's "Shareware Game of the Year 1999" award..

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Hub: Hunting


by Stonext Games

Build and fly realistic aircraft. Use free-form fuselage and wing editor tools and tune your engines to recreate aircraft from any era or design your own.

Nuclear Option

by Shockfront Studios

Fly near-future aircraft with immersive physics on intense battlefields, facing land, air and sea threats. Wage war against AI or other players with an array of potent weapons. Wield tactical and strategic nuclear weapons, capable of annihilating anything in their path.

Whisker Squadron: Survivor

by Flippfly LLC

A cosmic roguelite on-rails shooter with wild 30-minute runs that will take your feline flight crew to thrilling new heights with each randomized adventure. Your plan is simple: wreak vengeance on the Swarm and try to survive.


by Liao Kai, LKK GAME

This is a hot barrage shooting game. Destroy enemy planes with powerful firepower, shuttle and evade in the barrage. Various scenes with rich colors Planets, Fire Stars, Jupiter Stars, Water Stars, and huge battleships. It's time to drive a space fighter and show your strength! !

Moolii's Dreamland


Moolii’s Dreamland is a Bullet-hell game. Players will play as the little fox Moolii to fight against monsters in her dream. This game features whimsical level designs, monsters, and powerful bosses, along with combos of ammo skills and magical tricks. Help Moolii wake up from her nightmare!

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