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by deep field

A stroke of luck presents you with a chance to receive a prototype mechanical maiden for testing, propelling you into a romantic adventure. As crises loom, will you protect the idol of a girl group or the mechanical maiden? Who will become your guiding light?

At Tony's

by GoodSleepGames, JB, TinyBuilderGames

At Tony's is a first-person horror experience taking place in a haunted pizzeria. The last night shift worker vanished mysteriously, it's your turn to step in to help the family's business.

Botany Manor

by Balloon Studios, Whitethorn Games

Welcome to Botany Manor, a stately home in 19th century England. You play as inhabitant Arabella Greene, a retired botanist. Explore your house and gardens, filled with research, to figure out the ideal habitat of forgotten flora. Grow each plant to discover the mysterious qualities they hold…

Anonymous Hacker Simulator

by Sicarius,, CreativeForge Games

Step into the shoes of a skilled Anonymous hacker and embark on a mission to unveil the truth hidden behind a sinister organization's plans to monitor civilian data and enforce mass surveillance.

Dishwashing Simulator

by Frinky, Frosty

A unique survival-farming-base-building-tycoon-horror game where you must survive through washing dishes. Explore mysterious depths, manage resources, and unravel a cryptic narrative. In DWS, a chore becomes a journey to freedom.

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by PLAY Mephistowaltz

"You're lost on Route 8. You must find a way to escape. This eerie road is terrifying.""Night falls, the phone rings. Who are you? You find yourself driving along Route 8, repeating endlessly."

The Magical Mixture Mill

by Glowlight, HOOK

Gather exotic ingredients, brew complex mixtures, and expand your magically automated production lines -- keeping your shelves stocked, your customers happy, and your pockets full.

Shashingo: Learn Japanese with Photography

by Autumn Pioneer

Shashingo is an edutainment game that teaches you Japanese through virtual photography. With your trusty camera, take photographs of the fictional streets of Japan to capture new words and images as fully translated flash cards!

Rock Star Life Simulator

by HOGO Games

Rock Star Life Simulator is an extensive fame simulation game. Start this adventure by playing the guitar on the street, form your own band. Protect the fame, money, and charisma you earned with the right decisions and become a world star!

Supermarket Simulator

by Nokta Games

Run your own supermarket. Stock shelves, set prices as you'd like, take payments, hire staff, expand and design your store. Online orders & delivery, shoplifters, security, local market are upcoming.

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