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Terra Randoma

by Deniz K.

Terra Randoma is a turn-based roguelike RPG in a procedurally generated open world. Travel a world full of curiousity and perilous dungeons. Develop your character however you want with skills, talent stones and randomized items while you discover an ancient secret.

Surmount: A Mountain Climbing Adventure

by Jasper Oprel, Indiana-Jonas, popagenda

Fling yourself into a mountain climbing adventure! Become the first to reach the top of the highest mountain in the world and meet eccentric characters along the way!

Withering Rooms

by Moonless Formless, Perp Games

Withering Rooms is a challenging 2.5D horror RPG set in a procedurally generated Victorian mansion that changes each night. Explore Mostyn House to collect the perfect items for your build and face a huge cast of overgrown undead, invisible ghosts, devious witches, and more.

From Glory To Goo

by Stratagem Blue

From Glory To Goo is a Sci-Fi Survival RTS set on an alien world. Serve as humanity's bulwark by establishing a colony and supporting your colonists still in orbit. But beware, for The Goo, a relentless and shape-shifting force approaches from all sides, even above and below.

Shadow Corridor 2 雨ノ四葩

by Space Onigiri Game LLC

Lost forever in the pitch black! But that's what makes it fun! The vast corridors covered in darkness change with each play. All you can do is run or hide from the frightening Apparitions. Use unique items and Karuta cards with special powers in your desperate search for an escape from the darkness!

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Rift Wizard 2

by Dylan White

Rift Wizard 2 is a tough as nails traditional roguelike wizard simulator. You play as an immortal amnesiac wizard who must journey through the cosmos to defeat his nemesis. Each run, you'll build a unique repertoire of spells, passive skills, and magical artifacts.

Journey to the West Survivor

by Buding Games, Leyo Games

"Journey to the West Survivors" is a survivor-like game. You can choose from 12 interesting characters and combine various playstyles among over 200 skills. Additionally, you can get married, cultivate crops, build structures, recruit partners, and work together to fight against enemies.

Fida Puti Samurai

by Zanardi and Liza

A Retro-FPS "virtual happy place", jeopardized with a naughty bug. Traverse this action-oriented roguelite blasting waifus to uncover dirty secrets on a personal computer!


by 8BitSkull

Blast through rocks with your machine gun drill. Collect rare gems, ores and ancient artefacts, upgrade your ship and unlock new abilities. Uncover the mysteries of the deep and the dangers that lurk below.


by Twokats, GrabTheGames

Thyria is an RPG, a unique combination of dynamic exploration, turn-based combat and crafting. Summon and train a team of Guardians, who will accompany Thyria into the minds of the cursed villagers. Help them vanquish their nightmares.

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