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by Ureasoft

E.E.R.I.E 2 is a tactical shooting game. In the modern Gensokyo, play the role of fairy Luna, and uses a variety of modern light weapons and tactical equipment to join in a war that decides the fate of Gensokyo.

Knights Within

by Indecision Labs

Knights Within is a 1-4 player blend between third person shooter and melee hack&slash with roguelite elements. Design custom loadouts, navigate procedurally generated levels and utilize random power-ups. Can you survive endless waves of enemies to ensure humanity's survival?

Crow Country

by SFB Games

The year is 1990. It’s been two years since the mysterious disappearance of Edward Crow and the abrupt closure of his theme park, Crow Country. But your arrival has broken the silence, Mara Forest. If you want answers, you’ll have to venture deep into the darkness of Crow Country to find them…

Children of the Sun

by RenΓ© Rother, Devolver Digital

On a deadly road trip into darkness, control the path of a single bullet and unleash a fury of vengeance on the sinister cult that ruined your life in this tactical puzzle-shooter.


by Alvios Games, Alvios, Inc.

Dive into the magic tomes of Vellum, a cooperative action roguelike. Discover pages of increasing power, sling ink-infused spells, and choose how your foes evolve - as a group or solo!

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Outcast - A New Beginning

by Appeal Studios, THQ Nordic

Explore the breathtaking alien world of Adelpha, support the local Talans in their struggles and fight your way through fast-paced battles against invading robot forces in this 3rd-person, open world, action adventure sequel to the 1999 cult classic.


by Autoexec Games

Prevent Doomsday AFTER it happened! Designed by the co-creator of Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves and featuring both a single-player and co-op campaign, TimeMelters is a strategy hero defense where you go back in time and fight alongside your past selves.

Black Gunner Wukong

by Seal

Black Gunner Wukong is a TPS+ROGUE game where players will take on the role of Sun Wukong, using three heads, six arms, and six big guns to rampage through the US military base and rescue their master.

Under A Star Long Cold

by Antonio Freyre, Merlino Games

You have 30 minutes to loot this place and pay your debts before the planet is destroyed. Intense stealth-action with permadeath. An exploration of agency and hope.


by 221GAMES

"PUNIHI LOADER 2" is customizable mecha third-person shooter in which the one-headed mysterious cute creature "Punihi" rides and fights in unique mecha. Customize your mecha by combining over 100 parts. You can also change the clothes of "Punihi". Create your own ultimate mecha.

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