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Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago

by 14 Hours Productions, Astrolabe Games

Someone has to protect this realm... is it you? Become a guardian spirit and raise your very own Hero to stand against the Dark Lord.

Coffee Caravan

by Broccoli Games

Fuel your coffee passion in Coffee Caravan! As a cafe manager, brew, experiment with delicious recipes, and build your dream coffee business on wheels. Serve customers, unlock new flavors, purchase appliances, and enjoy your procedurally generated road trip in this roguelite experience.

Internet Cafe & Supermarket Simulator 2024

by SmartPlayGames

Internet Cafe & Supermarket Simulator 2024" is a comprehensive simulation game that combines the management of both an internet cafe and a supermarket. Step into the role of a shop owner, apply your business acumen, and expand your empire step by step.

Let's Pet Pets

by Mathew Kelly

Let's Pet Pets lets you pet pets of all different types and sets. Pet Points buy helping hands and items. Quests give you heart points. Heart points buy eggs and upgrades. You can prestige to get heart points and reset your helping hands and items. Upgrades and Pets are permanent.

Royal Order

by Nifty Visuals, Nifty Productions

Intrigue, betrayal, deaths! A LGBT+ survival Raising Simulation in a high-fantasy royal court setting with RPG elements.

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PC Tycoon 2

by Insignis Games

Manage your computer company and develop your PC components, create your own laptop, monitor, develop an interactive operating system or build your PC. Research new technologies, improve your office and your factory, hire the best employees, buy other companies and build your computer empire!

Store Simulator

by lello game studio

You've embarked on a journey to acquire your dream market and have finally reached your goal. Now, manage your market to offer friendly service to the neighborhood! Provide a range of products, from beverages to food, cleaning items to electronics, meeting community needs.

Pixel Cafe

by Baltoro Games

Step into Pixel's shoes in this one-of-a-kind journey that bridges time, memories, and the aroma of fresh coffee. Dive deep into a city balancing its past and future. Engage in intense arcade challenges, immerse yourself in heartfelt stories, and navigate a world crafted in pixel art.

Cute Farmer Life

by SE32

Cute Farmer Life is a small indie farm game. Grow, craft and collect resources in a game designed to relax and enjoy the moment. Discover the secrets of the small town you have moved to.


by OverjoyedGameDevs

Be the best blacksmith! Manage your mining operation, mine resources, craft items to sell for profit. Upgrade your mining tools, unlock new blueprints, discover powerful relics and go deeper and deeper!

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