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Chocolate Factory

by Tbjbu2

Build your dream Chocolate Factory among candy cane forests and gumdrop hills to produce the tastiest sweets. A delicious first-person factory automation game with a little exploration and combat. Confectionary conveyor belt heaven awaits!

Crime Boss: Rockay City

by INGAME STUDIOS, 505 Games Official

Welcome to the 90’s Rockay City! Heist, loot and shoot your way to the top of the criminal underworld! Build your criminal empire in the singleplayer rogue-lite campaign or put together a crew with your friends in action-packed co-op multiplayer heists!

Be My Horde

by Polished Games

Be My Horde is a top-down 2D survival roguelite. Become a formidable necromancess, and make your enemies a resource! Resurrect each fallen foe, create massive hordes of the undead, and use the harvested souls to enhance your skills, growing more powerful with each death. PRAISE BE MORIANA!


by Exit 73 Studios, Humble Games

Save your friends, fight off the vampire apocalypse, and survive the horrors of freshman field hockey practice in #BLUD, a delightfully zany animated dungeon crawler that blurs the line between action RPGs and hyperkinetic 90s cartoons.

Snow Plowing Simulator

by FreeMind S.A., PlayWay S.A.

Experience the serene joy of snow plowing in this relaxing simulation game! Drive powerful plows, clear roads, and keep your town safe. Uncover a surprising story, face survival challenges, and tackle advanced weather systems. Embrace winter's chill and become the ultimate snow-clearing hero!

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My Horse: Bonded Spirits

by Games Incubator, PlayWay S.A.

Build a bond with your horse and gain its trust. Develop yours and the horse’s skills. Discover the surrounding open world. Complete tasks and take part in competitions. Rebuild a run-down stud farm!

Into the Emberlands

by Tiny Roar, Daedalic Entertainment

Venture out into the Emberlands and uncover an ever-changing world filled with surprising encounters and mystical creatures! Save villagers who got lost in the Miasma, collect resources and rebuild your village to create a safe haven for your people.

Republic of Pirates

by Crazy Goat Games, PQube

Establish and grow a pirate utopia during the Golden Age of Piracy. Create a resource-based economy, engage in real-time naval combat, and navigate diplomatic relationships with rival powers. Explore the far reaches of the Caribbean in search of the ultimate fortune and glory…

Murky Divers

by Embers, Oro Interactive

Co-op diving horror. Eliminate all traces of your employer's failed experiments from their abandoned underwater labs. Navigate your submarine, dive down with your crew, remove all corpses, but watch out for the abyssal terrors lurking.

Echo Generation: Midnight Edition

by Cococucumber

Lead a gang of kids to uncover spooky mysteries, battle creatures, and explore the supernatural side of your hometown in Echo Generation, a turn-based adventure set in the 90s.

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