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by Vector3 Studio

Get ready for a Waterworld-themed survival game with modular base building, sunken city scavenging, crafting, base defense, and invasions of NPC clans for resources and territory. Ready for the water apocalypse?

Nova Lands

by BEHEMUTT, HypeTrain Digital

Nova Lands is a factory building, exploration, and island management game. Explore, engage in combat, and automate your industry. The planet you’re on is full of mysteries, creatures, people, and things to do. Welcome to your new home amongst the stars!

Anarchy: Wolf's law

by Anarchy Games

In Anarchy Wolf's Law, you fight for resources with dynamic battles, territory grabbing and economic business opportunities.

Atrio: The Dark Wild

by Isto Inc.

Keep your disposable android-body alive by automating everything. Automate farming, foraging, crafting and capturing - and even assimilate creatures into your production lines during your impossible mission to relight the world.

INCUR Survival


A survival open-world game, where you can gather resources, Hunt, Craft tools and armor, Tame Animals, Ride Animals, Build, and defend your base from creatures, and other players.

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by Obsidian Entertainment, Xbox Game Studios

The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place – especially when you have been shrunk to the size of an ant. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard?

Lighthouse Keeper

by Stratera Games

You are tasked with taking care of the old Lighthouse in a small island. Repair its broken parts, hunt for food to get by, gather materials to craft stuff to help you along your journey through 11 islands.

Captain Bones : A Pirate's Journey

by World of Poly

Captain Bones is an action-adventure game set in an open pirate world. You must have survival skills to make ship battles and treasure hunts with your crew.

Realms of Magic

by Polished Games

Embark on a journey through the Old Kingdom in Realms of Magic - a sandbox RPG where you customize your character, choose your path, and immerse yourself in the fantasy world as a knight, wizard, miner, lumberjack, farmer, and more. After all, this is YOUR adventure.


by James Bendon

G’Day! Get ready to start a new fair Dinkum life and build your new home out in the bush. Explore tropical eucalyptus forests, scorching deserts and cool billabongs on an Island inspired by the wild Australian outback. Take care of giant wombats, play with friends and get ready for a ripper time!

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