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King of Stocks

by 0.0 Studio

Welcome to King of Stocks! This is an engaging simulated stock trading game that allows you to experience the excitement and challenges of stock market investment. You can utilize your intelligence and insight to succeed in the market.

Two Doors

by zidArts, Luca Zidane Bartl

Immerse yourself in a gripping horror game where you repeatedly enter the same room. Spot subtle changes and choose the correct door to advance. With 3 difficulty levels, this game offers a thrilling challenge for every player. Will you survive the nightmare?

I Did It ALL for the COOKIE!

by Paul Rodenburg, Rodenburg Films Ltd

You are hanging out at a festive Christmas party when your eyes discover the most perfect Christmas confectionery ever! You must have it!... but someone already has it! What will you be willing to do, to get your Christmas wish?

MoonMan Adventures

by OmniCroissant

Lunar was on a routine mission when something went wrong. He crashed on a hostile planet and must now find a way home.

Flag Clicker

by Woleiz, Sir Keoken

Flag is a clicker Game, in which you click a Flag!

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Rogue Defense

by Wardergrip, Indie Games

The first of its kind, a Tower Defense Roguelike. Unlock, build, upgrade, expand, and defend with a continuously expanding path from multiple directions which you can influence.

Kurwa Sprint

by solvictusig

Уou will have to help the legendary Polish beaver, who bravely confronts all obstacles. On your way there will be many adventures and encounters with a variety of opponents. Use your dexterity and wit to overcome all the difficulties and help the beaver to win!

2D Top Racing

by Sultan Kampung

Get ready for heart-pounding action in 2D Top Racing! Choose from 12 unique cars, tackle 20 challenging tracks, and customize your ride for maximum performance. Compete against challenging AI in this adrenaline-fueled top-down racing game. Are you ready to claim victory?

Legends Of The Internet


Legends Of The Internet is an exhilarating card video game that transports players into the dynamic and captivating realm of cyberspace. Set in a fantastical digital universe, the game combines elements of strategy, luck, and storytelling to create an immersive gaming experience unlike any other.


by LGV

Cast various lights on your enemies to destroy them, conquer 40 randomly generated dungeons in Story Mode or play endlessly in Survival. With the help of hats and powerups, for sure!

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