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Prism Indigo DX

The Dev Says: Fight your friends to save your friends in Prism Indigo, a vicious retro-styled bullet hell shooter starring a rookie magical girl.

 Free to Play on Steam


The Dev Says: You are the leader of the Memocratic Party. Crowds of people have gathered under your office to protest. Give them money or drive them out, the choice is yours. Each choice will determine how long you stay in power.

 $2.69 $2.99 (10% off)

Candy Puzzle

The Dev Says: FPS puzzle game where player need solve puzzles and collect cakes

 $1.19 $1.99 (40% off)

Path Weaver

The Dev Says: Path Weaver is an interactive puzzle game where you can solve puzzles by controlling your characters and placing the right scenes in the right timelines, as if you were filling a storybook. Different puzzles are waiting for you in many places, from pyramids to Aztec temples.

 $3.99 $4.44 (10% off)


The Dev Says: ASTRONAVE is a minimalist tube shooter.

 $0.99 on Steam

Moving Shadows

The Dev Says: A fast-paced horror game in a black and white paper world. Sneak, run, hide in a labyrinth of corridors, trying to collect all the flowers before the top hatted, scarred face skeleton of a nightmare catches you. Solve puzzles, find items & trick the monsters in the dangerous world of Moving Shadows.

 $2.09 $2.99 (30% off)

Shoot or Die

The Dev Says: 'Shoot or Die' is a thrilling 2D shooting game where you take on the role of the last human survivor facing a robotic uprising. Arm yourself with powerful weapons, such as the Fireball and Shield, and utilize game-changing perks, to navigate dynamic battlefields and outwit cunning enemy droids.

 Free to Play on Steam


The Dev Says: UPUPUP is a jumping action game. Go up to the sky with the lonely protagonist. Navigate through multiple obstacles, try not to fall, and reach your destination. To reward your efforts, your jumping power will increase as you jump. It is not saved. Fail, adapt, and try again.

 Free to Play on Steam

Imaginary Friend Asylum

The Dev Says: A psychological horror game about being a child in an insane asylum. You're in a cruel world but your imaginary friends have your back. Here, you will uncover a dark conspiracy where you are to receive a terrible fate.

 $14.99 on Steam

One-inch Tactics

The Dev Says: Turn the tide of the war with nuanced strategies in One-inch Tactics, introducing players to a unique turn-based strategy experience.

 $15.99 $19.99 (20% off)

虎馬 / Trauma

The Dev Says: "Trauma" is a walking simulator action-adventure game sprinkled with horror elements. The only action you can perform besides walking is stabbing with a knife. Enjoy your journey into the strange world of dreams.

 $0.84 $0.99 (15% off)


The Dev Says: Take control of CyberPigeon, the ultimate cybernetic avian warrior, as you engage in intense battles against swarming drones and formidable bosses. Adapt to the ever-changing environment, collect power-ups and weapons, and rise to the top of the leaderboard in this thrilling aerial showdown.

 $4.99 on Steam

Star Rabbits

The Dev Says: Take on the challenge!! Various stages, obstacles, and enemies await you! But it won’t be easy until you get the hang of it. With random elements, you can have a different experience every time you play. We’re curious if you can safely pass the challenge. Haha. Good luck.

 $5.95 $7.00 (15% off)


The Dev Says: A short horror game where you control a decaying spacecraft exploring distant star systems.

 $2.99 $3.99 (25% off)

Parkour Master

The Dev Says: Master precise jumps and timing as you parkour your way through 10 levels filled with challenging obstacles and unique platform types.

 $1.99 on Steam

I'm Determined to Make 3A: 01/65

The Dev Says: My name is Bao Qiang, I have two dreams: 1st, to make the first "Civic 3A" in the world. 2nd, to change the entire game industry. But players, I need your help.

 $1.99 on Steam

Cave in

The Dev Says: stuck in a cave, survive and escape.

 $1.59 $1.99 (20% off)

Skinless The Horror Story Quest

The Dev Says: In "Skinless The Horror Story Quest," journey through a nightmarish blend of reality and hallucination. Wake up in a haunting hospital, face your fears in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, and confront the doctor behind the epidemic. Can you escape the darkness within and without?

 $5.99 on Steam

Limbo Revolution

The Dev Says: Limbo Revolution is a first-person shooter set in a 1980s Eastern European City ravaged by war. In this haunting world, you play as a stalker, battling and surviving against bandits, other stalkers and the military.

 Free to Play on Steam

Mercenary Tactics

The Dev Says: Command a squad of mercenaries to battle monstrous foes across five stages. Start small, strategically deploy and upgrade your team using earned resources. Build an unstoppable force and prove your tactical skills by surviving the onslaught and securing victory.

 $1.99 on Steam

Slime Climb : A Count Pumpcula Tale

The Dev Says: Bounce, Jump and Slide your way out of The Abyss. It's time to Slime Climb!

 $1.79 $1.99 (10% off)

Beyond The Clouds

The Dev Says: Embark on an exhilarating journey in 'Beyond The Clouds,' where parkour skills are key to conquering towering heights. Master fluid movement to overcome obstacles and puzzles, pushing your limits physically and mentally. Will you rise to claim your place beyond the clouds?

 $6.99 on Steam


The Dev Says: Ascened into the Robocon Universe! Roboom is an arena shooter roguelite where you blast through hordes of unique enemies and bosses. Are you ready to face the challenges of the Robocon War and rise to become the best in the Multiverse?

 $4.09 $4.99 (18% off)

Gorilla Adventure

The Dev Says: Climb, slip, and soar through the neon-drenched cityscape in Gorilla Adventure! Unleash your inner ape and enjoy the freedom of parkour with primal instincts!

 $4.99 on Steam

Traders and Tricksters

The Dev Says: An online multiplayer board game with a twist: Gather all the cards or trick others into getting fake cards.

 Free to Play on Steam

Pre Dusk

The Dev Says: Embark on an epic adventure in Pre Dusk, a 2D action platformer. Play as a small kid exploring a dark world, acquiring new skills and abilities with each level. Battle fierce bosses and navigate diverse environments. Get ready for a thrilling and challenging journey!

 $4.24 $4.99 (15% off)

Little Fire Girl Fights Final Boss / 小火女掉站终极Boss!

The Dev Says: Engage in a thrilling fast-paced boss battle without the need of tedious grinding! Play as a little fire mage and invoke a combination of spells to defeat the final boss.

 $2.54 $2.99 (15% off)

Pigeon Ascent

The Dev Says: In Pigeon Ascent, take care of your pigeon as they fight increasingly stronger foes, and then face the legendary Pigeon God at the end... can you keep death far from your bird?

 $1.59 $1.99 (20% off)


The Dev Says: "Dream Poem" is a casual elimination game, born out of Chinese poetry culture. Like many traditional games, you only need to select the correct words according to the graphics to enjoy the fun of elimination. You don't need a background of cultural knowledge or to learn Chinese characters.

 $7.99 on Steam

Indigo Park: Chapter 1

The Dev Says: Explore the abandoned childhood wonder of Indigo Park! Guided by Rambley the Raccoon, help restore power to the destroyed amusement park while you run from the reason it shut down.

 Free to Play on Steam

[Test Subject Name]

The Dev Says: [Test Subject Name] is an FPS Platformer that sees you descend through layers of test chambers, fighting multitudes of robots along the way, using weapons taken from enemies, and coming in contact with intelligent machines that want you dead.

 Free to Play on Steam

Hororo Meguru's BING!! Ball

The Dev Says: "Hororo Meguru’s BING!! BALL" offers a whimsical take on pinball action. Score big solo, or enjoy chaotic fun in 4-player matches. Collect enchanting Hororo stills as you progress. Easy to pick up for an on-the-go arcade delight!

 $3.99 on Steam

Cube Hero Odyssey

The Dev Says: Embark on a monster-slaying adventure as a caped hero wielding his anti-fragile blade! A hack-and-slash, isometric roguelite with beautiful procedurally generated worlds, challenging bosses, creative build choices and endless gameplay!

 Free to Play on Steam

Ship Regulus

The Dev Says: In the first year of the ephemeris, the warp engine was invented. Due to the initial engine being too large, it was installed on the space city Regulus. During engine testing, the jump signal attracted an alien fleet, and the Ship Regulus embarked on a flight path.

 $7.99 on Steam

Forsaken Quartet

The Dev Says: The world has been ravaged by a horrible disease. You and three others are the only people left alive on the small island on which you reside.

 $10.39 $12.99 (20% off)


The Dev Says: 《 NIGHT CROW》is a multiplayer (1-4 player) horror decryption game where players need to collaborate and interact to decrypt and embark on the next adventure If you are brave, you can also go alone Each different scene type and terrorist event is worth exploring for you

 $21.24 $24.99 (15% off)

Time Trials

The Dev Says: The first time travel game that approaches time travel from a strictly paradox free philosophy. When in the past, the player is unable to take any action that would alter an observed event in the future.

 $1.99 on Steam

Raid On Rift

The Dev Says: Be prepared to defend your Ore in this multiplayer turn-based strategy game! Take control of the Imperial Navy or the dreaded Space Pirates, and use a variety of crewmates to take your opponent's Ore before they take yours!

 Free to Play on Steam

Reflections of Life: The Shattered Timeline Collector's Edition

The Dev Says: Can you rescue the Celestial Sisters and restore the flow of time?

 $12.59 $13.99 (10% off)

Infernal Elements

The Dev Says: A bullet hell, boss rush game, where you control the newest Fire Elemental on his journey fighting against the elements of the underground.

 $7.99 $9.99 (20% off)

Lovebugz: An Anthro Insect Dating Sim

The Dev Says: A point and click visual novel about bug girls.

 $2.69 $2.99 (10% off)

Day of Atonement

The Dev Says: This game is a puzzle based on the Day of Atonement. The player is the High Priest and must complete all the duties for the Day of Atonement.

 Free to Play on Steam

Jumpy Jumptime

The Dev Says: Jumpy Jumptime is an endearing first-person platforming game that immerses players in the excitement of exploring a world of floating islands. As Jumpy, a lovable alien who has crash-landed, your goal is to recover the scattered parts of your UFO and simply find your way back home.

 $3.99 on Steam


The Dev Says: A fast-paced action platformer doubling as the most realistic chair simulator money can buy! Have you ever wondered what your chair thinks? What it believes? What it desires? Learn the answers and destroy some dimensions along the way!

 $3.99 $4.99 (20% off)


The Dev Says: Embark on a journey of revenge as Sol, a warrior of the celestial cosmos, as she fights to repel the corruption that has shackled the creatures of a fractured world. Wield her cosmic strength to shatter your foes and expunge the malevolent influence of the cosmos most ancient enemy; The Kilonova!

 Free to Play on Steam


The Dev Says: Explore, build, harvest. Hexton is a relaxing building game where you try to create the largest city possible. Looking for a light challenge? This game's for you!

 $1.19 $1.99 (40% off)

Marble Mechanics

The Dev Says: Explore building customized marble runs and simulating the mechanics of marbles running down the tracks. Over ten basic track elements most of them infinitely customizable. Undo/redo, grouping and auto-alignment of track elements, and saving make game play easy, relaxing, and fun!

 $10.04 $14.99 (33% off)

Pillow Pinky

The Dev Says: Pillow Pinky is a 2D collectathon inspired by classic N64 collectathons like DK64 and Banjo

 $4.99 on Steam

Instant Armory

The Dev Says: Instant Armory is an application that allows you to design arms, armor, and equipment for fantasy tabletop roleplaying games.

 $9.99 on Steam

Against Humanity

The Dev Says: In this world, humans beginning to dominate all over the world and trying to colonize all other races and yet The God choose you to end this human domination and bring balance to this world. You need to face all enemies to strengthen yourself and accomplish your mission.

 $4.24 $4.99 (15% off)

My Maid Girls

The Dev Says: Neko girls are ready to serve! They are ready to wash your clothes, shine your shoes, clean your house, even give you a massage if you need it...(^ ∇ ^ *)

 $0.84 $0.99 (15% off)

The Storyteller

The Dev Says: The Storyteller is an online game that takes traditional TTRPG elements into a digital environment. You can build your own world, play online with your friends, engage in role-playing, and guide them through your story.

 Free to Play on Steam


The Dev Says: Genopanic is a pixel-art, Metroidvania-inspired adventure-platformer. Explore corridors of the space station, teeming with secrets and dangers, and engage in boss fights. Solve puzzles and uncover hidden mysteries in the dark atmosphere of a sci-fi research complex. Discover the truth with each step

 $12.78 $14.20 (10% off)

Ball Points

The Dev Says: It is a third-person platform game where the ball is the main character 3D

 $1.79 $2.99 (40% off)

Dream Survivors

The Dev Says: DreamSurvivors is an action roguelike game that supports both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players will embark on a journey in the mysterious dream world, embodying their inner heroes, and striving to survive amidst the relentless onslaught of nightmare creatures.

 $5.94 $6.99 (15% off)

The Stairway 7 - Anomaly Hunt Loop Horror Game

The Dev Says: The Stairway 7 is an endless loop anomaly hunt and observation "spot the difference" game where you are stuck in a endless loop of stairways with a cat and you have to observe your surroundings carefully to reach the exit. Anomalies are watching, and ready to hunt you down. Don't take them with you.

 $7.64 $8.99 (15% off)

Leaf's Odyssey

The Dev Says: A turn-based puzzle game with combat and exploration

 $12.75 $15.00 (15% off)

The Bathrooms

The Dev Says: You awake near a foggy, deserted school with no memory of what happened. You soon discover a horrible secret and descend into a realm of cold, endless halls. Beware—The Custodian is watching you. Your escape from this nightmare depends on your wit and skill.

 $6.29 $6.99 (10% off)

Invasion: Phoenix

The Dev Says: Delve into the immersive world of Invasion: Phoenix, a meticulously crafted 2D top-down pixel art RTS by a dedicated solo developer. Join the battle to defend Earth as the Zyrex Empire launches an unyielding assault on humanity's doorstep. Will you rise to the challenge and save our planet?

 $10.99 on Steam


The Dev Says: An exciting adventure that will appeal to all fans of foxes!

 $3.99 $4.99 (20% off)

Winter Winds

The Dev Says: Winter Winds is a grim fantasy RPG where you play as a mute, recently resurrected monster hunter with the mission to return the missing sun to the sky.

 $0.99 on Steam

Weedy's World

The Dev Says: Weedy's World is a one or two-player game set in a U.P. Michigan dispensary called Glazed & Confused, players navigate a cannabis maze as Weedy or Ms. Weedy, collecting pot leaves and using power-ups while avoiding aliens. Inspired by Pac-Man, the game adds a unique twist with 420-themed humor.

 $4.99 on Steam

Random Core Defense

The Dev Says: "In 'Random Core Defense,' acquire and enhance cores using limited resources to withstand relentless enemy onslaughts. Defeat powerful bosses and test your strategy to survive until the very end!"

 $2.99 $3.99 (25% off)

Master Key

The Dev Says: Master Key is a top-down adventure game with a strong focus on item-based exploration and secrets. Embark on a journey to discover what that key could be used for and meet colorful characters!

 $10.79 $11.99 (10% off)

100 Istanbul Cats

The Dev Says: 🐾 Join the cutest adventure in the Istanbul 🕌, Türkiye full of cats! Explore the charming hand-drawn artwork of Istanbul themed locations as you embark on a quest to find 100 adorable cats hidden throughout the game. 🕵️‍♂️❌ Can you find them all? 🕵️‍♂️🐈✅

 Free to Play on Steam

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