The Fire Hose Hub

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by MidnightHops

Echolocate your surroundings with sounds produced by your microphone. Play as a blind person trapped in a mansion filled with malevolent plush dolls, use sound to navigate and survive, uncovering the mystery behind the dolls while evading death at every turn


by Seven Sails Games

Prepare to discover hidden artifacts in an extraordinary antiquarium. Attend to customers, put enigmatic object fragments together, and solve bonus puzzles. Immerse yourself in the Antiquarium's ancient ambiance for hours of enjoyable and entertaining exploration!

This Side Up

by Szunami

Run and grab to deliver boxes in a mind-bending multi-gravitational warehouse inspired by the drawings of MC Escher!

Bichito Clicker

by Shieldering GameStudio

Clicker / Idle style game where you must use your skill and abilities by clicking on the Bichos on your screen to defeat them and thus obtain points to improve yourself and face other stronger Bichos.

The Faceless Man

by Skyward Games

The Faceless Man is a first-person horror game inspired by an old creepypasta about a Tall Thin Man. Brace yourself to confront one of the victims of the ancient legend known as The Faceless Man, whose intentions remain shrouded in mystery.

The Mournmore Killings

by Fatih Mert

The Mournmore Killings a story-driven, deduction based mystery game where you step into the shoes of a detective trying to solve the enigmatic riddles left behind by a serial killer.

The Specter's Desire

by Themisian

This year's Desire Hierarchy has begun. The stakes are now deadly. Hop into The Specter's Desire, a Visual Novel in which you play against the city's top talents to save your parents. Includes puzzling gameplay that has you tearing down arguments, hatching schemes, and revealing the truth!


by Man Up Time

Survive the abyss in Exovoid – a souls-like odyssey. Battle, conquer, and shape your fate. Every death defines your journey. Are you ready?

Masterplan Tycoon: Foundations

by Bureau Bravin, Ravenage Games

Foundations is a free version of Masterplan Tycoon, a minimalist resource management sim. The world is your playground: start with simple production lines for basic needs and evolve into a production powerhouse in an elegant and stress-free setting

Sleeping Dragon

by Vermillion Studios

Sleeping Dragon is an adventure puzzle game. In Sleeping Dragon, you need to explore small diorama levels, find 7 totems and unravel the mysteries behind the Sleeping Dragon's secrets. Sleeping Dragon is a 3D Platformer, full of puzzles and challenges and a lot of collectables.

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