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Astro VR

by Light-Year Simulations, LLC,

Freely travel among the stars and planets in this made for VR astronomy simulation. Experience space from some of the smallest solar system bodies to our largest planets. Or leave the solar system to explore strange new worlds orbiting stars so distant it takes light thousands of years to get here.

Dark Throne

by Elroy Saltzherr, Lucas Lee, Jose Orantes, Brendan Wang, ZhiBin Huang, Nicholas Puckdee, Nicholas Lee, Dark Throne

Awaken as a knight in this 2D Metroidvania platformer. Explore, unlock abilities, and battle foes to escape a treacherous dungeon.

Squares of Hell

by Tetrapunk Design

Hell is divided into squares for sinners. For each sin there is a separate square. Bad smoker square - smoker is tempted by unavailable cigarettes. Bad Driver Square - The driver is always pushing the car uphill. Those who make a lot of noise jump up and down on a large subwoofer.

Fallen Aces

by Trey Powell, Jason Bond, New Blood Interactive

The A.C.E.S, watchful guardians of Switchblade City, are being taken down, one by one. Now it's up to one man, with two fists, to get to the bottom of it all. Fallen Aces is a crime noir FPS that plays right out of the '90s and looks like it's right outta the comics.

Don't Shout Together

by SinisterGames, SinisterGames

If you scream, you and your entire team will die. You need to leave the dangerous forest before the timer runs out by either assembling a car or calling the police. If the set time expires, the entire team will perish. Time progresses when you move. Don't make the team wait for you!

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RAGE: Anger Management

by Digital Canvas Studios, ArtStrong Games

Step into the exhilarating world of *Rage*, where you smash everything in sight and gather heaps of gold coins and treasures. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or taking a break from intense gaming, Rage offers satisfying gameplay that lets you release pent-up energy in a fun-filled adventure!


by VirtualX Technologies

Piffsy is a Free-to-Play Social MMO where you can explore, play, build, socialize & much much more in a brand new massively multiplayer open world!

Froggy Bouncing Adventures

by 9Ratones, Ratalaika Games S.L.

Jump into a bouncing adventure to save Froggy’s best friend! 60 levels of leapfrogging platforming and hat collection!


by SMU Guildhall, Cohort 33

Race through an enchanting carnival and be on the lookout for wacky obstacles and cool shortcuts as you compete against up to three other friends in this cute and cartoony arcade racing game!


by RainyGames, Merge Games

Find harmony in the Japanese countryside as you help Sparky uncover lost memories in this modern take on the farming and life simulator. Build a thriving homestead, cultivate new relationships, and chase your own happiness in SunnySide.

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