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Derf Party

by Fred Co, Wyatt WIll

Players compete in a shooter, party game where the rules and goals of the game change for every minigame.

Alister In Wonderland

by JuiceBox Indie

Welcome to wonderland, a place of dreams. Take on the role of Alister Hinch and go on a journey through this surreal realm of enchantment and wonder. Experience making friends in this realm... Now, what ending will you choose to have?

VENARI - Escape Room Adventure

by M9 Games

Embark on an epic adventure to an ancient, mysterious island where your escape room puzzle skills will be put to the test. In Venari, uncover the secrets hidden on the island and discover the legendary Venari artefact.

Mountains of Madness

by Deep Dive Project

A first person horror exploration game set in the frozen wastes of Antarctica. Use your tools to navigate the frozen galleries untouched by millennia and unearth evidence of a dreadful truth while you search for a madman whose ill fate lies somewhere beneath these Mountains of Madness

Just a Lullaby

by Maze Well Lab

Explore Just a Lullaby, an atypical, shooter top down. Navigate eerie 2D worlds, solve puzzles, and unveil secrets in a quest for truth. At the moment, the use of the controller is limited. But you can use it to play with.

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Unfolded Cube

by Home Works

Let's solve a scrambled cube in its unfolded state. Manipulate the cube pieces of a randomly mixed cube to solve it.

Phantom Dash

by Tofu Games

Phantom Dash is an open world 2D Platformer where you must collect Coins!

Drunk or Dead 2

by 4 I Lab

A campaign-based VR adventure for up to four players (co-op), with plenty of opportunities to hang out, shop, chat and drink between battles. Life goes on, even through the end of the world. Explore the town, meet the locals, then pick from one of four classes and gear up for another round


by JT

Unleash a new level of chess tactics with mages that can create fires, freeze opponents, introduce fog of war and more. Capture gold spaces to earn income which can be used to strengthen your army!

Purry & Panther: Lost in Helsinki

by peittov

Purry and Panther have gone missing in Helsinki. Investigate the sights around the city and talk to the locals to help you on the case. Try to catch Purry and Panther before they get into even more trouble.

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