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The 9th Station of M.t...

by VoVora Games

While being careful of any abnormalities, continue down the mountain path that continues like a cycle and try to escape safely.

Armored Suit Solgante

by GapTax, Kagura Games

Play as a mech pilot battling against threats to your nation. But in your struggle to defeat the terrorist forces, you become implicated in one of the very schemes you're fighting against...

Immunity Wars

by Unpronounceable Studios

Fight off your body's invaders using the combined strengths of your immune system's defenders! Immunity Wars is a turn-based tactics, classic hex grid, strategy game. Wield your units together effectively to fight off all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and even your own corrupted cells.


by BossyPino

Cryohazard is a spooky turn-based strategy rogue-lite. Pilot an upgradeable train caravan into the depths of the hazardous Soul Storm. Fight off the angels that give chase.

Through the Fog

by Michael Takami, Marcus Olivas, Miles Berman, Finn Depuy, Lance Dennison, Abner Salazar, Jackson Nadler-Block, Team 1

- An exploration rogue lite mapping game - Uncover the city's secrets through mini-games - Sell your map quickly and efficiently to purchase upgrades

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The Powder Toy

by The Powder Toy Team

The Powder Toy is a classic physics sandbox game, which simulates air pressure and velocity, heat, gravity and a countless number of interactions between different substances

Bloom Echo

by Vagramont Studios

The name of the game is simple: Find a way out of the maze in record time.


by SJ Games, DaleCoop Studio, Nami Tentou

Meet SkateCat, the adventurous skateboarding feline that's all about the ride. Join this cool cat as he takes to the streets and skate parks for a thrilling, high-speed adventure.

The Last Man Survivor: Prologue

by Renderise

The Last Man Survivor is a gloomy roguelike in which you have to fight tons of enemies, slay giant bosses, discover new abilities and characters, and also find out the dark secret of the Last Survivor

Crystal Eyes

by Pixe-late

Crystal Eyes is an Indie pixelart action adventure game with RPG touches.

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