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Beauty Solitaire

by 2D_猫

"Beauty Solitaire" is a delicate card game featuring beautiful girls. On top of the classic solitaire casual gameplay, you can also choose the rank mode to compete with global players in terms of the speed of completing the game, enjoying a unique gaming experience.


by NGreenDev

As a cataclysmic event rocks the planet, you find yourself in an old, decrepit submarine tasked with only one goal: survive. Manage the internal systems to keep yourself alive and fend off undersea horrors as they attempt to cut your journey short.

Survival Advanced


Congratulations, you have been invited to live on our reef, a paradise world (almost) where you can build your dream home... but beware of the enemies lurking on the islands. A little tour of the property?

Tour de Drone

by Archor Wright, Archor Games

Tour de Drone - Race Your drone around A.I. enhanced 3D photorealistic holographic paintings of locations from around the world.

Wolf Peak: The Case of Ruth Choi

by Cloud Colony Games

In 1991 Ruth Choi was murdered, it was whittled down to 6 suspects, but the case was never solved. Watch interviews, go through evidence and build your case. A game where you are never told who the killer is, unless you convict them. Use your own deductive skills to find out, who killed Ruth Choi.

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Scunners Run

by Jamorian 5

A fast, twin-stick shooter micro-roguelike with bullet hell elements, chunky weapons and satisfying destruction. Your AI friend AL4-N will help you along the way with new weapons, upgrades and vague moral support, as you attempt to beat the Scunners Run.

Talon One - Bounty Hunter

by Red4

Fast paced open galaxy shooter. Upgrade your ship, save your team mates and reclaim your position as the leader of the most feared fighter pilots in the galaxy!

Getting There

by Beehive Games

Getting There is a narrative adventure game telling the story of the world after what is only known as The Collision. After the death of her lover Kirsten, Lauren gets in her van and journeys across the strange and quiet world in search of civilisation.

The Tortoise and the Hare

by Brøderbund, Jordan Freeman Group, Living Books, Wanderful Interactive Storybooks, ZOOM Platform Media

Explore a retelling of the classic Aesop Fairy Tale. A songbird, named Simon, narrates the tale, bringing the story alive one word at a time. The experience is fully animated and voiced with an easy to digest story mode and lots of bonuses and secrets to discover!

Roberto el Lagarto

by ByTreesome

Take on an exciting stealth mission as Roberto the Lizard, a cunning thief. Use special abilities to avoid enemies while you steal valuable treasures in a museum full of challenges.

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