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Nobody Wants to Die

by Critical Hit Games, PLAION

Lose yourself in the dystopian world of New York, 2329; immortality comes at a price that someone has to pay. In this interactive noir story, lead the investigation using advanced technology, as Detective James Karra who risks it all in pursuit of a serial killer targeting the city’s elite.

Wyatt Earp and the Cowboys Wargame ssp

by Mark Ainsworth, (Mark Ainsworth)

Arcade, Arcade! Arcade!! back to the Eighties and the wild west. Stop the Lawmen getting past by shooting them, if they get past they will make arrests. you get three lives to get the highest score you can.

Kriegsfront Tactics - Prologue

by Toge Productions

Kriegsfront Tactics - Prologue is the proof of concept for the upcoming procedural turn-based mecha tactics RPG set in alternate 1970s Southeast Asia. In this prologue chapter, you'll get to experience combat, exploration, and the opening story of the game.

That Guy

by Sxdera

Many thousands years of evolution made me, so I could create this game.

Burning Sky

by House Raven Studios

Fight and survive a desolate half-destroyed planet cracker, teeming with mutated wildlife and robotic enemies. Will you make it out alive?

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Anomalous Crossing ~Shibuya~

by Liner Studio

Suddenly, you find yourself standing at an empty ticket gate at Shibuya Station. Exit Shibuya Station, cross the scramble crossing, and head towards Center Street. However, please be careful about any anomalies.

Incremental Town RPG

by Overaction Game Studio, Rei Vax

Incremental Town RPG is an idle game where you manage the workforce of a small village, inputs, capital, other resources and help provide all the equipment and weaponry needed to progress and defeat creatures in distant Dungeons.

Ostallian Core

by Quixotic Worx, Sunrise Intelligence

A modern omnidirectional space shooter with colorful retro-style ASCII art and light RPG elements, featuring optional permadeath.

Corsair`s Madness

by Old Prawn, Madnetic Games

As the captain of the pirate ship Sam, you'll dive into the adventure of a mystical archipelago brimming with secrets and treasures. Utilize your pirate skills and ancient artifacts to rescue your crew members scattered across various islands and uncover the dark secrets of a mysterious temple.

Idle Game Simulator

by Dogloaf

Have you ever wanted an idle game without all the pesky obstructions like gameplay and graphics? Introducing Idle Game Simulator! Is it a game? No, it is a very serious and deep simulator. This is an idle game in its purest form, watch number go up without having to do anything at all!

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