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Brick Breaker Infinity

by Wending Studio

Break bricks, collect power-ups, endless levels for high scores. Test your skills, adaptability, and strategy. Addictive and fun! Let's play!

Dead War Rise of Zombies

by Crazy Games, Top Games

The zombie apocalypse, a reality that transcends the pages of the most terrifying nightmares, rises as an ominous threat. The social order, once solid and organized, dissolves into an unbridled collapse, giving way to a desperate struggle for survival.

Apocalyptic cat

by Galactic Geckon

Apocalyptic Cat is an atmospheric hardcore platformer about a little black cat's journey in a post-apocalyptic world. Overcome toxic clouds, spikes, and obstacles, striving to fulfill his last dream of reaching paradise.

Rap Pop Jump Core

by Galactic Geckon

Rap Pop Jump Core is a hardcore action platformer demanding constant movement, quick decisions, and combat. Navigate a vibrant city by leaping between platforms. One mistake, and you fall to your fate. Escape swiftly!

Dungeon Digger

by Galactic Geckon

Dungeon Digger is a roguelike game about a brave dwarf seeking legendary treasures. Descend deep underground, mine valuable minerals, craft upgraded gear, and battle spiders, golems, worms, and ghosts to become a cave hero!

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Digital Meow

by Galactic Geckon

Digital Meow is a vaporwave platformer where a little cat journeys through a digital world to find a new home. Overcome lasers, spikes, and cannons in this nostalgic and challenging adventure!

Cyber Assasin

by Galactic Geckon

Cyber Assassin is a fast-paced arena shooter where you control a robot annihilating waves of enemies. Survive, upgrade your character after each wave, and become more powerful to dominate the arena!


by Shayride Studios

Red Trees Rail Co is a VR Horror Train simulator set in a Redwood Forest. Work a tiny night train by yourself, transporting passengers from town to town.


by Fili

Unravel the story of a boy who wakes up in a mysterious world without any memories.

One in a Krillion

by Beverly Krills, DigiPen Institute of Technology

Prepare for deep-sea action! Lead swarms of krill against predators looking for their next meal. Utilize the strength of a krillion krill to swat away your enemies. With hammers, scissors, and more unique construct abilities, master the way of the krill and lay claim to your home.

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