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14 Minesweeper Variants 2

by Alith Games, Artless Games

Minesweeper but the rules are changing, again.

Startup Quest Bakery

by Predict Edumedia

Embark on a brief entrepreneurial journey to establish and manage a socially responsible bakery. Obtain permits, prepare the space, choose your equipment, and produce various breads. Aim for profitability while positively impacting society and the environment.

Dark Card

by Kyle Kerlikowske, Kerlys Games

A game about exploration and experimentation

Catch Thieves

by Atomic Games

Feeling stuck in the same old routine and craving some excitement?

Car Car Up!

by Atomic Games

Does Size Matter? Find Out in Car Car Up!

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Hub: Combat Racing

Humans vs Monsters

by Atomic Games

The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team by capture.

Lucky Shot

by Atomic Games

It is often said that luck is the key to success.

Fix the Robot!

by Atomic Games

With a limited number of levels, every repair task is a testament to your skill and ingenuity.


by Euch

A series of classic arcade style game modes that will test your skill, puzzle-solving, and reaction. There are 66 levels to conquer across 11 different game modes, secrets to discover along the way, bonus modes to unlock... you'll be surprised how much can be packed into one little spec.

Jaro Adventures

by Jaroger

Jaro adventures is a 2d action/adventure platformer. You play as a character Jaro and through levels try to defeat enemies that get in your way. Try to collect as many coins as those will buy you character upgrades.

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