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Spaceport Assault

by ZaratustraGameDev

You are all alone on a hostile spaceport. Try to find the best weapons hidden on the map, because you will have to fight back. There are more and more enemies. They're chasing you. Hurry up.


by Liao Kai, LKK GAME

G WARRIOR is a retro hardcore action shooting game. Pick up the gun and destroy all robots and aliens. Fight in colorful scenes such as snowy mountains, caves, seas of fire, alien lairs, etc.! !

Enlisted: Reinforced

by Darkflow Software, Gaijin Network Ltd

In Enlisted, you are not only commanding a single soldier, but an entire squad! This MMO squad based shooter recreates the key battles of the bloodiest war of the 20th century, with hundreds of soldiers, tanks and aircraft taking part in each battle.

Silent Depth 2: Pacific

by MicroProse Software

Silent Depth 2: Pacific is a lite sub-sim. You enter the Silent Service at the command of a Gato class submarine on War Patrols during World War 2. How long will you survive, and ultimately how much tonnage you sink is down to skill and cunning.


by universe ocean

StellarPlans is a VR adventure shooter where you play as a human or Warcraft creature, experiencing different worlds. With advanced tech and lethal weapons, battle human armies, machines, beasts, and aliens to uncover the StellarPlans and Sky City's secrets.

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Grim Tales: All Shades of Black Collector's Edition

by Elephant Games, Big Fish Games

Embark on a haunting hidden-object trip through time!

Pawn Planet: First Sales

by Gambol Games

Manage your own pawn shop in the weird galaxy. Purchase and sell different items, attend auctions, stop thieves and keep the shop going!

Station Zeta

by Porch Weather Games

Run, jump, shoot, and think your way to safety in this retro-inspired 2D puzzle-platformer. Station Zeta is out of control, and you'll have to deal with crazed robots, terribly designed station machinery, and blatant safety hazards as you try to make your escape across 35 levels.


by Harsh Khatri

Intergalacto-1 features intense multiplayer battles in Warzone mode and thrilling survival experiences in the mystical horror mode, filled with magical elements and numerous exciting features. Can you conquer the galaxy's secrets and defeat the unbeatable boss INM?

Raid Run

by The Fox Knocks

Raid Run is a game inspired by fake mobile game ads. Your character automatically travels through the level where you must face increasingly difficult enemies, grabbing power ups and evolving your skills along the way. Attacks and skills are fired automatically. Conquer 3 levels with 3 difficulties.

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